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Thanks to Dustin Pickering and the Yellow Chair Review for this smart and provocative review of Ventriloquy!

An Honor . . .

to receive such a smart and powerful review!


My New Book Is Hot Off the Press!


Woot! Woot! Ventriloquy came off the press yesterday. And what a thrill to be the author of the second book from the new Tinderbox Editions, a publisher to keep your eye on! I haven’t smelled the book yet, but any day now I will. If you want your own signed edition, let me know!

What a Privilege

I was lucky to be in Paris during COP21. Here‘s a small report.

Poem for the RAC Summit

How to Start

from dawn to dusk

from dawn to dusk to now


from the get and the go, from the sea to the sea, shining in rags and riches

from the head to the hand to the heart, seat of the sea and the dawn

from the ridiculous to the sublime, the sea of sublime, the get up and go of the ridiculous

get up, get up, all hands on deck, shape up, ship out

from here to there where the sea bottoms out and the heart tops down

and all hands on high and all heads on go


from the stem to the stern, get up, get up, all hands on deck, shape up, ship out

all shining sea to sea, all shining and sublime, all choked up, clammed up, eased up


get up, all hands and hearts, from the sea to the grave, from the grave to the cradle

get up, get up, from this day forward, from this forward day, step up, stand up


from the here, from the now, from the ground all shining, from the heart all shining

from the sea and the dawn and the now, the now, the now

from the ground shining into the here and the now, shining from the ground up.


for the Rural Arts and Culture Summit, June 2-4 2015


The Gold of the Wayfarer

It was such a pleasure to write about Yahya Frederickson and his prize-winning book of poetry. I hope you will take some pleasure from reading it.

Many thanks to Sonya Chung, a kind and astute editor!

In a day or so a Q & A will go live at Bloom — so look back to hear Yahya voice (in print, that is).


Listen to a Poem!

KAXE, the independent radio station out of Grand Rapids, MN, features poets reading their work every weekday.

Support them by listening here to one of my love poems, from Cloves & Honey, but don’t stop there . . . so many riches to be found!

Matisse & Shears

That’s a crazy combo, I realize, but maybe I make something of it here, at the

Lake Region Writer’s Network blog. I wrote this some time ago, and now the

Matisse exhibit is long gone, I’m sorry to say.


Tinderbox Poetry Journal

Go here now!

I’m so happy to welcome a new poetry journal — and not just because it features three of my poems. One of the editors says, ” I wanted to start Tinderbox because I felt something kind of greedy in me–is that OK to admit?–I wanted to be host to some of those gorgeous poems.” Tinderbox satisfies that greed in me — what poetry riches here!

An Introduction

May I introduce you to a remarkable poet you’ve maybe never heard of? Ruth Stone is a poet beloved by many poets, which could mean her poetry is difficult, allusive, fussy, but it doesn’t mean that at all. Ruth Stone Ruth Stonewrites with great humor, an irony that looks up rather than down, and with an eye for the ripe image. I just read some of her poems to a UU group and they laughed and cried right along with Stone.

And please take awhile to enjoy Bloom — lots of beauties there!