“Athena Kildegaard has written a book which has found a true home for tenderness in a world so desperately in need of it.” ~ Jim Moore, author of Underground: New and Selected Poems.

“Trust and doubt coexist in these pages, and the natural world offers solace but never complete reassurance.” ~ Connie Wanek, author of Rival Gardens: New and Selected Poems.

Tinderbox Editions, 2018






Ventriloquy-Front-Cover“What an intense medley of flowers, divinations, saints, and still lifes! Kildegaard submits to her themes with deep devotion and discipline.”  ~Chard DeNiord, author of five poetry collections, most recently interstate.

“Like any ventriloquist, Kildegaard delivers the truth in layers as she throws her voice to speak through others, saying things she might not be able to say as herself.”  ~ Katrina Vandenberg, author of Atlas and The Alphabet Not Unlike the World.

Tinderbox Editions, 2016





“Here’s how to read this collection: not politely, nibbling, with tea, no, but in a binge, with your bare hands, spilling and slurping. Athena’s harvest is in.”  ~ Todd Boss, author of Yellowjacket and Pitch

“Athena Kildegaard’s new collection is going to make a lot of people sigh and wonder where they went astray on the road of love.” ~ Joyce Sutphen, Minnesota poet laureate

This book grew from a year of writing a love poem every day — a labor of love!

Nodin Press, 2012




Finalist for the 2011 Minnesota Book Award in poetry.

Red Dragonfly Press, 2011







“Kildegaard never surrenders to sentimentality; her poems are rooted in experience.” ~ John Calvin Rezmerksi, author of Breaking the Rules and What Do I Know?, among others.

Rare Momentum is a collection of 62 fibonaccis, formal poems based on the mathematical sequence.

Red Dragonfly Press, 2006